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Welcome to Marin and Sonoma County's
Health Care Network

The Meritage Medical Network is your health care network if you are enrolled in an HMO in Marin and Sonoma Counties. We are a select group of over 490 private practice physicians located throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties. . All of our physicians are affiliated with and utilize Marin General Hospital, Novato Community Hospital, Palm Drive Hospital, Petaluma Valley Hospital, Santa Rosa Memorial and Sonoma Valley Hospital. In addition, Meritage Medical Network operates the Pediatric After Hours Clinic located at the Marin General Hospital campus. This is an appointment-only clinic, ask your pediatrician or family practitioner for more details.

On this website, the menu at the top has informative resources for members. There is information about our Wellness Classes, your Rights & Responsibilities as one of our members and how to tell your doctor and family about your health care wishes using an Advance Directive including how to to complete your own Advance Directive.

You may also visit our physician search pages to find out information on primary care doctors and specialists.


The Meritage Medical Network does not provide any financial incentive to practitioners or staff that encourage under-utilization. You will receive a letter from us informing you of any care and services that we authorize on your behalf. In the event the Meritage Medical Network denies an authorization request, you may receive a copy of the criteria on which the decision was made by contacting our office. The criteria by which we review referrals and authorizations is available to our medical practitioners and members, as well as the public.


For questions about referrals, authorizations, billing issues or RN case management services, please call 415-884-1840 or 800-874-0840.


If you have a concern about any aspect of your medical care or services and would like to file a formal grievance, you can print a grievance form below.

If you are a Pacificare member, click here.
If you are an Anthem/Blue Cross member, click here.

Si usted un membro de PacifiCare y tiene cualquier preoccupacion con respecto a cualquier aspecto de su cuidado o el servicio medicos y el deseo para archivar una queja formal, hace clic aqui por favor.


To Contact Meritage Medical Network:

Main number: (415) 884-1840
Email: MemberServices