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We're here to help with any questions you may have. We can also help with your transition to include Meritage Medical Network in your healthcare plan.
Email Member Services or simply call 415 884-1840
Including Meritage Medical Network in your healthcare plan is easy.

The period between September 1st and December 31st is called "Open Enrollment". It is during this time that you can easily switch your insurance plan or medical group.

1) First, speak with:
  • A health insurance agent or broker
  • Your employer (if they provide your health insurance)
  • Or directly with one of the insurance companies listed here
 Insurance company ogos for Meritage Medical Network. The network providing health care and administering benefits for HMO members in Marin County, Petaluma and Sonoma Valley.
2) After you're enrolled, find a Meritage Medical Network doctor using our: 3) If you or your family member is interested in learning more about our RN case management services, call us at 415-884-1840 and ask for a nurse case manager, or email us at

We look forward to providing you with exceptional care.

If you still have questions about including Meritage Medical Network in your healthcare plan or would like to speak to Meritage Medical Network directly, please call 415-884-1840, or email Member Services.