Meritage Medical Network Wellness

Health Education Classes

All classes and support groups are open to all members of the community. Come to our Wellness Classes and learn how to become a healthier you! Call (415) 884-1875 for more information.

A Practical Approach to Managing Back Pain

This series offers a practical approach to managing low back pain. Topics include:
• Faulty posture types and how to correct them
• Practical tips for stretching and strengthening exercises
• How and when to use lumbar supports
• Shoe recommendations
• Body mechanics education
• Core strength - what it is and how to activate it properly
• Additional self-management tips

Class takes place at Core Physical Therapy, 4050 Redwood Hwy Suite G, San Rafael, CA 94903.

Contact Kris Wittman, OTR, MPT at 415-479-7100 for more information.

Sign up and help your back feel better. Participants should wear comfortable, stretchy clothing to class for ease of movement.

Cholesterol Management

LDL cholesterol is the main source of cholesterol build-up. Most people can prevent or control high cholesterol by choosing a healthy lifestyle and choosing 'heart smart' foods. You can learn how to manage your cholesterol from an expert by signing up today for this informative class.

Change for Good Support Group

"When faced with a situation we cannot change, we have the chance to change ourselves." Please join us in this opportunity to talk about your feelings and get support relating to your chronic illness without fear of being judged. This 90 minute open support group is guided by Marion Barnett, MA, MFT and meets once a month.

Diabetes Control Network

The Diabetes Control Network is a free, 12-month series of newsletters sent directly to your home. Each newsletter contains the most current medical information and expert advice on a variety of topics of interest to people living with diabetes and their families. Call (415) 884-1875 for more information.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes education classes are available with a certified diabetes educator to help you learn about medications, blood glucose monitoring, diet and exercise. Classes are available at locations in Marin and Sonoma.

Healthy at Heart

Your heart is a vital organ and your other organs depend on your heart to pump oxygen-rich blood to them and to remove unwanted carbon dioxide and other waste products. Healthy at Heart is a free, 12-month series of newsletters designed to help you reduce your risk of heart disease. Call (415) 884-1875 for more information.

Prenatal & Postnatal Instruction Classes

Marin General Hospital offers an extensive series of classes that prepare expectant parents for everything from childbirth to infant/child CPR.
Classes offered include:

• Childbirth and Infant Care Series
• Infant/Child CPR and Safety
• Infant Massage
• Sibling Preparation Class
• Safety Courses
• Infant/Child CPR and Babysitting
• Childbirth - (one day course offered Saturdays)

Call today and give your baby a healthy start in life! Please pre-register for classes midterm in your pregnancy due to limited space.

For class dates, times and location, contact the Marin General Hospital Family Birth Center at (415) 925-7992.

Tai Chi Ch'aun Moving Meditation

Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese art of moving meditation for health, is based on the philosophical principle of harmony of opposites. Regular practice of Tai Chi may enhance the immune system, strengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, and may improve balance and flexibility.

Cost: $40 per month. Contact Kenn Chase at (415) 488-4213 for class schedule.

Weight Management

Obesity is not just a matter of appearance, it is a health hazard. Doctors agree that the more overweight a person is, the more likely he or she is to have health problems. The good news is that even modest weight loss can significantly improve your physical and emotional health. Learn how to successfully manage the physical, emotional and environmental factors that cause excess weight gain. Learn how to take it off and keep it off by registering today!

Classes are available at locations in Marin and Sonoma.

Weight Management - Way to go Kids

This eight-week nutrition and fitness program for overweight and underactive children ages 9 - 14 years old focuses on developing healthy lifestyle habits. Each one or one and a half - hour session will include nutrition education and a physical activity component.

Don't miss this opportunity to make positive changes for your child's future health.